"No hay manera de escapar a la filosofía […] Quien rechaza la filosofía profesa también una filosofía pero sin ser consciente de ella." Karl Jaspers, filósofo y psiquiatra. "There is no escape from philosophy. Anyone who rejects philosophy is himself unconsciously practising a philosophy." [Karl Jaspers, Way to Wisdom 12 (New Haven: Yale University Press, 1951)]

Lógica y electricidad / Logic and electricity

Algebraic Manipulation of Boolean Expressions
You can transform one boolean expression into an equivalent expression by applying the postulates the theorems of boolean algebra. This is important if you want to convert a  given expression to a canonical form (a standardized form) or if you want to minimize the number of literals (primed or unprimed variables) or terms in an expression. Minimizing terms and expressions can be important because electrical circuits often consist of individual components that implement each term or literal for a given expression. Minimizing the expression allows the designer to use fewer electrical components and, therefore, can reduce the cost of the system.
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