"No hay manera de escapar a la filosofía […] Quien rechaza la filosofía profesa también una filosofía pero sin ser consciente de ella." Karl Jaspers, filósofo y psiquiatra. "There is no escape from philosophy. Anyone who rejects philosophy is himself unconsciously practising a philosophy." [Karl Jaspers, Way to Wisdom 12 (New Haven: Yale University Press, 1951)]

Pasi Sahlberg. "Finland: an education phenomenon?"

Finland has been described as "an education phenomenon" but in reality it's just the kind of system that most public education advocates have argued in favour of for years - one where the teachers are highly respected and the emphasis is on equality not competition. In this video, Pasi Sahlberg, Director General of the Organisation for International Mobility and Cooperation (in the Ministry of Education) in Helsinki, addresses the 2012 AEU Federal Conference in Melbourne.